A Tiger in the Garden

While waiting for my coffee to brew this morning I took a quick walk through the garden.  The dew was still fresh everywhere and I found the Lady’s Mantle covered in jewels.

I also found this handsome Tiger sleeping.

Maybe that’s why they call it a garden bed.

~ Susanne

Daily Prompt: Relax

‘Relax!’ they said as if relaxation was the furthest thing from their mind.

A condemning word to those given over to

analysis and rumination..

Rather than commanding

a behavior unknown to some

I prefer to learn from the experts who have made it their life and art form….



~  Susanne

via Daily Prompt: Relax



I’ve been watching these two the past few months as they slowly learn to accept one another. Benji is persistent in pursuing his older brother; as fearless and bold as youth can be.  Tiger is tolerant to a point and remains gentle even when tested again and again. Though twice the size of Benji, he will flee rather than fight. It hasn’t been easy and the camaraderie and brotherhood we had hoped for remains elusive.

But here they are sleeping peacefully side by side giving us the promise of future possibilities.  For now, we will take it.


~ Susanne