Moments with Benji

I heard him singing from the landing this morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed.

“What are you doing up there Benji?” I asked.

“I’m bored, Sue. There’s nothing to do.”

“Why don’t you go outside and play?”

“Too cold, Sue.”

“But you had a great time yesterday and it’s no colder now than then.”

“But remember I didn’t stay out long. When’s the weather going to get better anyway? I’m tired of it.”

“I know the feeling Benji. But we just have to wait. Springtime is coming.  In the meantime you can join me in my office but stay off the keys please.”

“Of course, Sue.”

~ Susanne and Benji

16 Comments on “Moments with Benji

  1. A bored cat can get up to all sorts of mischief. At least Ollie only sleeps when he is bored. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Aww! When I was growing up we had a cat that always walked on the piano keys when I would be sitting at the piano practicing the flute. I guess she wanted to do a duet😂

    • Benji pretty much walks anywhere and everywhere he wants. I haven’t had the keyboard on lately – I’m still a learner – but it would be fun to see what he does walking on the keys while I’m practicing. 😻

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