Winter Clouds and Fragrant Blooms

I was working on another post when I looked out my office window and saw clouds exploding against the blue sky. There were birds singing and a sweetness in the air as I walked to the end of the street to enjoy the show.

Even as I watched, the clouds seemed to soften and subtly change their form.

Upon my return I found the source of the sweet scent – Sarcococca – Sweet Box.

This hearty shrub, neglected by me all year long, emits the most wonderful fragrance from its tiny blossoms.

A sweet foretaste of spring.

~ Susanne

15 Comments on “Winter Clouds and Fragrant Blooms

  1. The rain has finally stopped in Ireland and we’ve been enjoying beautifully frosty mornings with colourful sunrises. With January slowely coming to an end, we are getting excited to see brighter evenings. Thanks for sharing and have a good day πŸ˜€ Aiva

  2. Love the Sweet Box. I have a few bay trees and a Arizona Carolina Sapphire Cypress, all of which I bought for scent in the garden. A lot of folks think of strongly scented plants, like jasmine or gardenia. But the more milder plants can catch you by surprise. When my housemate mows the yard, the creeping oregano and the garlic chives become very fragrant, and it has an appetizing savory aroma that is unexpected. I keep trying to raise Sweet Broom, but all I do is kill it. Maybe one day I’ll figure it out.

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