Snow Day with Benji and Tiger

The fire is going, the shelves are stocked and the promised Snowmageddon has begun in the Pacific Northwest.


Staying snug inside where all is warm and safe.

~ Susanne and  Benji and Tiger

6 Comments on “Snow Day with Benji and Tiger

    • Yikes! We’ve got about 10 inches here this morning and I don’t think we’re done yet. The forecasters got it right this time! Sorry about the wind on your side of the world -That’s bad too. 😦 Guess we’ll all be hunkering down!

  1. Aww your living room looks so cozy and inviting! Here we are having rain, which is a good thing for central California! Benji looks like he enjoys watching the snow!

    • Yes, I’m happy that California is getting all of its water replenished! We had a lot more snow overnight and Benji ventured out to play in it! But we are all snug inside now. 🙂

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