Dreaming of Sunny Arizona

Most of us who live in the Pacific Northwest will at some point long to escape the gray and rainy days of winter.  The lucky ones are ‘snowbirds’ who migrate south to the blue skies and sunshine of Arizona.  Unfortunately I am not one of those.   Still, I have managed to visit a few times and thought it was time to recall those sunny days in Arizona.

I’ll start with the red rock country of Sedona, an awesome place with a lovely name that exudes both peace and strength. No words are adequate or even necessary to describe its beauty.

Next up is Boyce Thompson Arboretum an hour east of Phoenix.  Founded in 1924, it’s the largest and oldest botanical garden in the state of Arizona.  We discovered it by taking the scenic route between Phoenix and Tucson.

Speaking of Tucson, wouldn’t you enjoy hiking at Saguaro National Park?  We did.

Of course there’s that other National Park that’s good for hiking too,  just ask him.

Grand Canyon, beautiful from every angle any time of day.

Okay that’s enough of Arizona.  It will have to tide me over till our next trip to somewhere sunny.

The forecast here in the Northwest calls for cloudy with a chance of rain pretty much everyday until next April.  Or something like that.

~  Susanne

25 Comments on “Dreaming of Sunny Arizona

  1. ha, you should be twinned with South London; it’s like someone has pulled the stuffing out of an old teddy and stuck it over the windows; can it get more drab?

      • The trouble with that is that 50 miles south of me is France and delightful as France is it’s downside is it’s full of the French…. Ah those noisy bloody neighbours 😁

      • France sounds pretty wonderful to me! 😊 But for blue skies and sunshine nothing beats Arizona! Well, except maybe Hawaii!!

      • It is… as the joke has it when God made the Earth He wanted one place that contained the most beautiful scenery, the perfect mix of weather, fertile land, rivers full of fish…. but He thought, it cannot be perfect because that is for later so he put the French there…

  2. I didn’t expect to see you wearing a padded jacket in Arizona. 🙂
    It is just 2 C here, and has been almost dark nearly all day. I am also dreaming of Arizona, even though I have never been there!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • It happens sometimes even in Arizona! 😉 The trip to Tucson was in February a couple years ago and the weather was cool that particular day. Even so, I loved the blue skies and sunshine.

  3. Oh my word those are awesome photos! The last time I was at the Grand Canyon was when I was 13 and our Dad took our family to Texas to see where he lived as a child. We saw quite a few famous places on the way. Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico was also super cool! 😀👍

  4. Here everyone flocks to Florida. I remember that in Portland it always rained until after the Rose Festival in early June.

  5. Ah yes, I too have made a couple of trips to escape the Washington winter. One was memorable because we had to head to southern Oregon before crossing the mountains as the passes were snowed in and, even on the west side, it rained hard the entire way. Your photos bring back warm memories.

  6. As a South Dakotan, I’m looking forward to AZ in March with my WA sister joining me. Your photos make me want March to come quickly!

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