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Dreaming of Sunny Arizona

Most of us who live in the Pacific Northwest will at some point long to escape the gray and rainy days of winter.  The lucky ones are ‘snowbirds’ who migrate south to the blue skies and sunshine of Arizona.  Unfortunately I am not one… Continue Reading “Dreaming of Sunny Arizona”

Serene Sedona

Last week we visited beautiful Sedona, Arizona, where Oak Creek runs through majestic red rock in the midst of trees ablaze in yellow and gold.   All was peaceful and serene. And so for this week’s Photo Challenge I thought it only fitting to… Continue Reading “Serene Sedona”

Postcard from Sedona

Spending Thanksgiving week in Arizona and will have much to say upon my return.  But until then, I hope you enjoy this postcard from Sedona where all is red and orange and gold. Susanne 

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