Mt Baker Wilderness Under Smoky Skies

Despite the smoky skies over Washington this week, we managed to find beauty in the Mt Baker Wilderness Area, which shares its eastern border with North Cascades National Park. We took the Mt. Baker Highway to its end at Artist Point for views of America’s most photographed mountain (so they say), Mt. Shuksan, which actually lies within the National Park.  Sorry to have to show you a less than stellar picture of the famous mountain under smoky, hazy skies but I think you’ll see why photographers flock here.

I took this photo at Picture Lake and admit to ‘enhancing’ the color a bit – no law against that, right?

On our way back down we saw a sign for Nooksack Falls and decided to make the short drive down a gravelly one lane road to see it.  Once there we took heed to the warnings to watch our footing and stay behind the chain link fence.  Sadly some have not and died trying to get the perfect picture. It’s unfortunate that such beautiful falls must come with serious warnings, but nature must be respected.

I’m happy to report that the smoke is finally clearing out for a few days due to cool maritime air finally pushing through. We’ll see for how long.

~ Susanne

8 Comments on “Mt Baker Wilderness Under Smoky Skies

  1. Mt. Baker always reminds me of my grandmother. She lived on Mt. Baker Hwy and I spent most of my summers up there. It was such a beautiful area. I was actually thinking of her today, so thank you for sharing your trip. Reminds me of her.

    • Wonderful memories! Thank you so much for your comment. 😊 I would have included a picture of Mt Baker too but it’s snowy peak didn’t come through the smoky sky well at all. I need to go back when the skies are clear again.

    • Thanks Pete. We were impressed by both of them though the mountain would look much better under clear skies. Another day! 😊

  2. Some people seem to see danger signs and fences as an invitation to go past them. I saw that another person died in Connecticut ignoring the signs.

    • I don’t get it either. It wouldn’t occur to me to violate a danger sign.. mostly young people do who still think they’re invincible.

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