On Morning’s Orange Sun

The Pacific Northwest is once again under the filmy haze of smoke from Canadian wildfires resulting in unhealthy air. In the meantime we are awakened by a mysterious and brilliant orange sun.

Can’t wait for the rainy fall season to begin.

~ Susanne

14 Comments on “On Morning’s Orange Sun

    • I know what you mean! Be careful what you wish for, right? But we’ve had less than an inch of rain since May. We could use some at least to drop by, clear the air and move on!

    • That is so funny! Over here it’s in our minds constantly! Amazing to me to think there’s anywhere that has plenty of rain! 😀

  1. Oh wow! Somehow I didn’t know there were wildfires in Canada! We’ve had them in California for what seems like all summer! Even down here in Fresno the air quality has been horrendous😬
    Like you, I am looking forward to some nice fall weather!

    • The air quality here is pretty bad due to the smoke. I know California has been hit really hard too. Hoping for rain to clear things up soon!

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