Can I Come?

“Please can I come, Sue?”

“I won’t take up much room, see?!”

~  Benji

9 Comments on “Can I Come?

  1. Wow I don’t know how I missed this post! Benji is so cute! I’ve been trying to draw pictures of him and Tiger as well as cats from other blogs, so Foster can “do a post” about his “Blog friends”… am having varying degrees of success!Trying to make them look realistic instead of whimsical is challenging so it’s taking me awhile! Looking forward to sharing them with you though! 🐱🐼❤️

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  2. Hi Sue, I was just noticing that this is the most recent post of yours that shows up in my “Followed Sites” in the WordPress Reader…but if I actually go to your site I can see the one about Tiger and Benji in the rain, which I think was just yesterday. Did I unfollow you by mistake? 😬

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    • Interesting. I posted several stories after this one, including the one you just found ‘Rainy Day Cats.’ Maybe you did stop following or maybe it’s a WP glitch? (That happened to me before too.) I looked briefly through my followers and didn’t see you there, but I may have missed it too. Feel free to follow again? thank you. 😉

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