The Chair We Share

I only have one comfy chair in my office.

Sometimes I even get to sit in it.

~  Susanne, with Benji and Tiger

11 Comments on “The Chair We Share

    • It’s funny. Sometimes I’ll want to sit in my chair, but I will actually go somewhere else when I see these boys enjoying their sleep so much!

      • Effie usually occupies Vic’s chair when he’s not home. She likes the soft suede upholstery better than my leather chair.

      • I suppose the obedient dog is content to sit at the master’s feet. Cats on the other hand seem to have something over on us. If only they weren’t so cute while sleeping…. but how can you move them when they look like that?

  1. I had to laugh. A friend recently gave me a nice comfy chair because she needed to make room for a new one. Callie seems to think the chair was given to her. She already “owns” everything else, you would think I could have one chair. 🙂

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