A Northwest Hike to Twin Falls

I follow the trail to Twin Falls along the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River, leaving Bob behind to fish. There are enough hikers on the trail for me to feel safe hiking alone and few enough to provide me with the solitude I need. I revel in having time in the woods, enjoying the nuanced shades of green, the ferns, the Doug-firs, and moss-covered maples.

The river flows nearby the trailhead and I find hidden pools where some are brave enough to swim (not me.)

Halfway to the falls I stop to rest and take in the view,

then continue on, following the switchbacks upward.

Up, up, up I go and as I near the falls, I’m greeted by a group of happy campers, who assure me I’m almost there and high five my efforts.  I’m cheered by the friendly youngsters.

Around the corner I arrive at the bridge and have it all to myself.  It’s high above the falls and makes me woozy looking down so I don’t linger long.

It’s the journey anyway, not the destination.

Going down is easier and I encourage the tired ones coming up.  Yes, it’s worth it, I say.  You are almost there.

At the bottom again I find out Bob has caught two trout.

We both leave content.

~ Susanne

10 Comments on “A Northwest Hike to Twin Falls

  1. So nice to have somewhere like that almost to yourself. The walk to those falls is well worth the effort. Did you eat the trout?
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks Pete. We live in hiking country! It was a pretty easy hike, just a few trying spots and less than 3 mile round trip. The trout lived to see another day as Bob released them back into the river.

  2. I love the outdoors and nature, this was awesome… would have been a perfect day for me too, I love the hiking journey and solitude… thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks John! Yes, this is a popular local hike with so much to offer! Just 2.6 miles through beautiful woods, on a river, and with those falls at the end!

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