Benji from the Dog House

This is Benji and today Sue put me in the ‘dog house’ (her exact words).  I don’t really know why though I suspect it had something to do with the chair incident.

Every morning I like to join her in the office while she drinks coffee and reads. Tiger would too but he’s slow and I usually beat him to the punch.  I am very fast.  I’m so fast in fact,  I can climb up the back of her chair in under a second, this after I’ve finished sharpening my claws on said chair. (It is important to keep the nails filed properly at all times.  Sue should know this.)

This seemed to bother her this morning (or should I say it bothers her every morning but some days she is more tolerant.  Maybe more coffee was needed.)

And so after a brief altercation I was forcibly put into our bedroom, which apparently bears the moniker of  ‘dog house’ if I am closed in alone.

Sorry Sue.  I’ll work on the chair thing.

~  Benji

8 Comments on “Benji from the Dog House

  1. I suppose that should be ‘Cat House’, Benji. But you aren’t to know that the term means something very different, at least in America.
    Best wishes from your canine pal, Ollie.

    • thanks for your understanding.. In any case I seem to be completely forgiven. The contrite look helped I think. 😉 Benji

  2. You are exuberant, Benji, and you will mellow with time. In the meantime, you are learning what your humans require, because they love you and won’t give you up, ever.

    • I know you are right. Sue loves me so much I know she felt bad putting me in the dog house. Tiger hardly ever gets in trouble so maybe when I grow up more I will be like him! ~ 🙂 Benji

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