Today’s Reflections from Benji

Good Morning to humans everywhere and especially to Sue, my paws down favorite. Today I am in a reflective mood, pondering the mysterious intersection of the feline life and the human life.  It is a wonderful intersection indeed, though not always easy.

We get along well most of the time yet we are different in many ways.  This requires that we cats make continual adjustments to satisfy peculiar human inconsistencies and foibles.  (It is obvious that we are the ones to make the adjustments, at least if we aspire to indoor living.)

For instance, I have yet to understand the human aversion to the natural feline  sharpening of the claws.  It seems to me their own claws would become much more useful if they practiced this habit as well, rather than remaining purely decorative.  Many surfaces exist throughout the house for this purpose. If only they could see this!  Alas they are unwilling to learn in the smallest matter!  And so I am forced to use the inferior small posts inside, saving the most rigorous scratching for the trees outside.  Speaking of outside, it is certainly a puzzle that so many food sources go unclaimed by them.  We felines learned long ago that anything living and smaller than ourselves is good for food.  (The hunting itself provides invigorating exercise.)  They also seem to be untrainable in this.

Fortunately I have big brother Tiger to help me understand these matters.  He reminds me that felines and humans are not the same species and this alone explains much of the challenges we face.

(Read Tiger’s story for yourself in the link below.)

Not the Same Species

He has also taught me that when the going gets tough inside, I must demand to go outside.  There I can spend time in the wild alone, or with my own kind.  A few hours thus spent solves most of the problems.

And so I sign off,

~  Benji

2 Comments on “Today’s Reflections from Benji

  1. I asked Ollie for his canine tips, and this was his reply.
    “Scratching the furniture is a non-no. If you want to really be in favour, do lots of cute things, Try lifting a paw, or looking sad, that suckers them every time! And stay outside as long as you can. The trouble only really starts when you are in the house. (Unless you dig up that green stuff they like so much…)

    • Wow, it seems that the feline and canine lives are quite similar. Even though furniture provides the best material for scratching, it seems that humans everywhere are opposed to it. I try to remember this and use only at night when they are sleeping; I save the inferior post for inside use during the day. (I don’t believe canines use the post at all, do they?) I too have mastered the sad look but mostly rely on cuteness. I agree with you that outside living is the best except on dark and stormy nights. thanks for the comment Ollie! ~ Benji

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