Not the same species..

Okay, everyone this is Tiger and I have something to say.

As you know, I have it pretty good here, indoors and out.  The food, the sleeping arrangements, the toys …  all very good.  The humans that live here are great too and I guess you could say that Sue is my favorite.

Even so, sometimes it is not easy. Take today for example. I’m outside, on a great hunting expedition to bring her some catch of the day.  I am coiled and ready to spring, when suddenly she’s on the scene making the most amount of noise you can imagine.  Running and clapping her hands and totally blowing my cover. This is more than a bit annoying.  Seriously, what kind of hunter is she?  And occasionally if she’s not around and I do catch something, she’s rather half-hearted in her appreciation (maybe even disgusted?) when I deliver it to her.

But then I realize she can’t help it. She is only human after all. Not the same species.

~  Tiger

4 Comments on “Not the same species..

  1. I suppose they will never understand why we don;t allow them to follow their instincts.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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