Tiger ~ a day in the life

Hello everyone.  Tiger here.  I realize I may have sounded a bit grumpy in my last post  Not the Same Species where it was clear that Sue and I do not agree on hunting. But I don’t want to seem ungrateful, especially after all I have been through in my past lives.  I really do love it here and consider life number three (my favorite number by the way) the best so far. So let me take you through some highlights of a typical day here in Paradise.

You probably know I am anxious to get an early start in the morning and I let my requests be known to Bob and Sue accordingly.  They are pretty responsive to my demands.  Though Sue is hard to wake, Bob is usually up and willing to let me out before dawn.  Nothing like that fresh morning air and the stirring in the bush.

The first order of business involves the hunt.  I won’t go into detail here as any discussion of this seems to get me in the doghouse with Sue (little cat joke there.) Let’s just say I get adequate “exercise” with quick bursts of acceleration and rapid speed while pursuing small moving objects.

After this exercise I go on my morning rounds to check on the neighborhood.  This involves visiting friends and alliances, warning strangers of all species and putting enemies on notice.  I have my route.  It must remain secret.

After these visitations I come home hungry and ready for breakfast.  By now Sue is up and dispenses fresh canned morsels to go with the dry kibble that is always there. We visit and talk for awhile.  I bat some toys around. I visit grandma if she is up.  I get all the petting and scratching and love I need and then I am ready to go outside again to play or just to stop and smell the roses.  Well, the lavender, actually.  And the catmint. That aroma drives me crazy (in a good way) and is practically sacred to our species.

I also take time to study the bees and the butterflies and occasionally give chase.  While not good for eating they are good for sport and for keeping my “exercising” skills up to date.

Of course I visit the many and varied watering holes throughout the day.  They are much better than what is served indoors. (Sue, did you hear that?)  I like bird flavored water the best for taste. And the stream is most refreshing.

Also throughout the day are the many naps and grooming sessions. These can be inside or out, anytime, anyplace.  “You can’t be too clean or rested” is my motto.

So there you have it.  A typical day in the life of the Tiger.  Typical I say, because I left out  the special events like unannounced appearances of deer, or the stray cat snooping around, or the mysterious disappearance of Bob and Sue for days on end (vacation I think they call it, though certainly not to me.)  But you get the general routine. All in all I have a great time of it here.  Everyday. But now I am tired, and feel a nap coming on.  More later.  ~ Tiger

11 Comments on “Tiger ~ a day in the life

  1. A very good overview of the relaxed life of a cat, Tiger. Thanks for your diary entry!
    (Ollie prefers water from a muddy pool or stream too. Then again, he’s only a dog.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Great life you have, Tiger! And I know whereof I speak! xo

  3. I love the “cat” humor…now, being a dog person, Beetley Pete is more my style, but hey, the pictures are great and the hunting is good!

    • Hey thanks for reading even if you are a dog person.. We won’t hold it against you! 😉

  4. Tiger, you really have an amazing life from what it sounds like! Someday I will come visit you and you can show me around! How does that sound?

  5. Tiger….very nice to meet you. Mom showed us your page and we think you have an awesome outdoor space. Mom won’t let us go out of the back yard, but we’ve adjusted. We love meeting new fur people and we’re glad your Mom visited our site. Have a pawsome day!!
    Hemingway, Shakespeare and Mom (Pam)

    • Why thank you! Nice to meet you back! It is true, I have a good deal here. If Sue had her way, I would be forced to stay inside the fence as well. Fortunately for me, I managed to find all the secret exits! ~ Tiger

      (And I also enjoyed visiting your site. 🙂 ~ Sue

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