Just a walk in the park….

The morning started out a bit overcast but held the promise of sun and so I ventured out to Gene Coulon Park to walk along the southern shores of Lake Washington.  A paved pedestrian trail where bikes and dogs are not allowed make it an easy walk for people of all ages, including me. No need to hurry as there is something wonderful to see around every bend and in every color, in shades of green and blue and purple and gray…

The hydrangeas were in glorious dress….

and this silent stream was a study in green..

There was the lone turtle soaking up the sun’s rays….

and the blue heron standing tall against the skyscrapers of Seattle..

the lonerAnd if you could only see through the clouds you would find the Olympics to the west standing guard, as I did one crisp, clear day last winter…


Along with this shy, local beauty.

Coulon_Rainier (2)

7 Comments on “Just a walk in the park….

  1. Beautiful country, and I remember it well–we moved east of the Cascade from the South Sound about six years ago. We made frequent visits to the beautiful locations you feature here. I sometimes marvel that I’m not homesick, but we had to go east to feel like we were in the West. . . .

    • thanks for reading! 🙂 I sometimes wonder whether I could live anywhere else. I am so used to green and blue and mountains and water… but then again, I think there is beauty to be found anywhere if you look for it….

      • Absolutely! Trust me–I found beauty in Houston, and everywhere else I’ve lived! Montana was phenomenal, but the cold, the cold…!

  2. Lovely scenery indeed. But no dogs allowed on the path? That wouldn’t suit Ollie and me then!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Not the best place for Ollie…dogs are allowed in the park, just not on the paved path.. I’m not sure why… it’s pretty unusual for here .. but it does keep it quiet and the foot traffic down..

  3. I think I need to take a walk there! Awesome pictures and wonderful description! I love it! Keep on sharing with us!!!

    • Glad you are enjoying it! yes, you would love it!! maybe if you come down we can go there for lunch and a walk! They have an Ivar’s and a Kidd Valley there…

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