Cat Memories

I saw this little plaque in a shop recently and was reminded of all the wonderful kitties who have shared their lives with me.


There have been many so I will only mention a few.  There was Benjamin the long haired Himalayan (originally named Elsa until we learned she was a he) who lived with us for seventeen years.  There was Henry who we faithfully administered insulin to when he was diagnosed with diabetes. (Yes, I did it!  Me!  the one who has never even looked at a needle when getting a shot of my own!)  And who can ever forget Joey, the beautiful boy we got for my mother in law and who we inherited back again after she passed away. Soft and affectionate.  Sweet lap cat (and ‘printer’ cat, too.)


And then there was ‘Little Ann’ (aka ‘Annie’) who will always have a special place in my heart.  Annie was the only Siamese cat I ever had and she was a chocolate point beauty with deep blue eyes.  Eyes that could read your mood and comfort you.  We got her as a kitten and she lived with us for the next twenty years.


And now there is Tiger, the sweet tabby boy with the piercing green eyes.  Eyes that talk.  Eyes that ask ‘will you please come and pet me?’


I am thankful for each one of these dear feline companions. ~  Susanne

9 Comments on “Cat Memories

  1. You brought back memories of our 2 cats! First was Katy (full name Katy Ringo Atchison). She was a tabby and had kittens in our closet. She lived a long and comfortable life and left for wherever cats go when they pass on! The second was Holly, a gift from Brenda McLane to Jen in high school years. Holly bonded with Dan, though, and then was sad when Dan left for the Marines. Well, I guess I could start a blog, too! Ha ha! I am too busy but I thoroughly enjoy reading yours!!!

    • Well now, Katy Ringo Atchison is quite the name!! Maybe you should start a blog! But I am happy if you keep reading mine!! So many furry friends pass through our lives and leave an impression forever I think! 🙂

  2. Lovely tribute! And we’re acuphobic sisters in feline diabetes management.

    Our Coolidge, Effie’s predecessor, lived with us his entire 17 years. The last nine I treated his diabetes; his last two years I also treated his hyperthyroid. Finally renal failure eluded treatment, as it always does. . . .Effie is young and healthy and active, and we look forward to a long time with her!

    • Thank you. 🙂 I never thought that I, the needle fearing one, could do the insulin injections. But I found it to be relatively easy and Henry surprisingly cooperative! We gave them about 4 years after his diagnosis, but then it seemed to lose its effectiveness and we had to let him go.. sad.. but we had good years with him…. Hoping your Effie is given many healthy years with you!

      • Thank you. . . Coolidge took the shots and all remarkably well, too. His glucose was remarkably volatile, and dose adjusting largely fictive–and terrifying, sometimes, really. But he was a trooper, and we were committed to seeing him through.

      • You were at it much longer than we were… We gave up on glucose testing. It was just too much for us.. we had to settle on a dose and go with it.. and did the best we could .. I wouldn’t want to have to make that choice again….

      • I sometimes wish we’d gone the flat-dose way, but I’d be regretting it, I know. The testing was simple, the results (range 34-509 over the years and never predictable or steady-diet related) were sickening, and I’d have worse regrets if I hadn’t tested. . . .Diabetes sucks!

  3. All my life, we have always had cats and dogs, sometimes both at once, other times one or the other, and I remember them all. As much a part of our lives as relatives and children, remembered in a different way, but with no less love.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. Hi Pete. Thanks for your comment. Yes, they are part of our lives in a unique and furry sort of way 🙂

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