Northwest Garden Whimsy

I love the many unique gardens of the Pacific Northwest. Here is a just a small sampling of those I have visited recently.

The centerpiece of Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC is the beautiful Sunken Garden, built in an abandoned limestone quarry a hundred years ago…..

RoozenGaarde in Mount Vernon has a glorious array of tulips and Mt Baker in the background.

In Sequim there are the lavender farms with fragrant fields of blooming lavender..

For roses, there is the International Test Garden in Portland where you can vote for your favorites during the Rose Festival…

And then there are the more humble gardens we call our own.  Ours is a backyard forest garden, rustic and full of whimsy and surprise, where you never know what you may find…..

Recently while walking in my garden, quietly so as not to awaken the tree, I thought I saw something new…

Beyond, past the stream…

Around the corner, a bicycle stood in the ivy where none had been the day before..

Had it been there long?  Had I missed it somehow? I sought out the garden curator and asked where the bike might have come from and what it might mean.

“I saw it standing just like that in a neighbor’s yard when I was out on my morning walk. It’s from the nineteen fifties. I asked to buy it. Do you like it?” he asked smiling and hopeful.

“Indeed I do,” I replied.

And so another story and another artifact added to the garden.  Who knows what I will find tomorrow in my Northwest Garden of Whimsy?

~ Susanne

5 Comments on “Northwest Garden Whimsy

  1. You are surrounded by some magical gardens indeed, Susanne, including your own.
    And I agree, the bike works.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. All SO very lovely–love the bike, too–your husband has a good eye! We moved from the PNW to the Snake River/prairie biome of E. Washington. We love it here, too, though its beauty is subtle. I admit, tumblweed is an acquired taste, but folks here take up the challenge and grow orchards and beautiful gardens.

    • Thank you. I think I could grow to love east of the mountains too. Clear blue skies and fewer gray and rainy days is appealing. And if roses and lavender do well I would be happy!

      • Roses thrive here with enough watering, and there are lavender farms in Walla Walla, so it definitely thrives east of the Cascade.

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