Rainy Days and Setting Sun

By now you may have heard that we are experiencing the rainiest October through April in Seattle since 1895 when records began to be kept.  We have received almost 45 inches of rain since October 1st and April is not over yet.  And yes, it feels like it.

Still, when the sky clears, I’ve become fond of chasing sunsets which manage to make an occasional dramatic appearance rainy day or not. Earlier this week I settled for the golden glow in the garden shortly before the sun went down.

And a few minutes later I enjoyed colorful clouds behind the evergreens.

One rainy day followed by a clear evening with two different garden views gave me a little more practice with my camera and the setting sun.

~  Susanne

9 Comments on “Rainy Days and Setting Sun

  1. We have just gone backwards into winter here. Light snow and hailstones yesterday, and -1 C overnight. Rain and clouds today, and it’s almost May!
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. You have a good eye, and beautiful subject matter in your own back yard. I’m cheered more by nature’s beauty than I am interested in records. . . .

    • Thank you Lauren. ☺ I am cheered by nature’s beauty too! And intrigued by the light. It has seemed to even us natives here that the rain has been particularly relentless this year. At least the records confirm it wasn’t just our imagination. ☺

      • I recall a radio commercial for Seattle, featuring a wife named “Elaine,” and either Elaine or her husband is railing that “It rains 365 days a year in Seattle!”

      • Back in the sixties a certain comedian had a routine where he stated that ‘Seattle is a place where it rains 365 days of the year.’ It drew laughs at the time, but now I’m beginning to wonder…. At least we can still look forward to August and September that remain hot and pretty reliable…

      • We’re having an inordinate amount of rain east of the Divide, too. “Semi-arid steppe?” We deserve a new rating.

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