Still dreaming of the Bow

Having returned from the Canadian Rockies I began poring over my pictures and noticed how much ‘the Bow’ permeated our trip with its beauty. We first met the Bow River where it flows through the Banff townsite.

We followed it to the Falls nearby.

And viewed the Bow Valley from the overlook at Tunnel Mountain.

We followed the river along the Bow Valley Parkway on our drive north to Lake Louise.

Further north we found the exquisite Bow Lake off the Icefields Parkway.

Yes, I’m still dreaming of the Bow.Β  Can you see why?

~ Susanne

4 Comments on “Still dreaming of the Bow

  1. I can well see why you can’t get this scenery out of your mind, Susanne. It is a sure sign of a great holiday, when it stays in your thoughts for a long time after you return home.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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