Brothers – Tiger and Shadow

Our sweet Joey had died unexpectedly at the age of four. (Who knew cats died of heart failure?) I was still hurting when I learned about two cats who needed a home.  They were ordinary cats their former mistress had told me, but sweet.  Not really lap cats, but loving.  She was boarding them at a cat hotel since she couldn’t keep them and didn’t want to take them someplace where they might be separated. Would we at least go see them? Their names were Miracle and Brother Love.

Oh!  I said and smiled.  Although we had wanted kittens we decided to go visit the boys and be open. After we were escorted back to their quarters Miracle was the first to greet us. He jumped down from his condo, stretched out long and lean at our feet and looked at us with gorgeous eyes, inviting us to pet him.  We did.  We were hooked.  Brother Love on the other hand, had tucked himself  as far as possible into a rolled up piece of carpet so only his long gray tail could be seen sticking out.  This one might have issues, I thought.  But that cat with the green talking eyes!  Yes, we would give it a try.

We’re so glad we did.  ~  Susanne

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