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This is the first installment of our new blog and I appreciate Sue for letting me have the first few words.  As you can tell by my picture I am a handsome fellow.

That’s why she picked me out of the line up at the cat jail.  Okay, so it really wasn’t a jail.  They called it a cat hotel (without check out privileges I guess you could say.)  Either way, it was my green eyes that saved me and my brother Shadow from spending the rest of our lives there.  Only I wasn’t Tiger then, I was Miracle.  And Shadow was Brother Love (I kid you not.)

Bob and Sue were so kind to rescue us from our sheltered life and let us live with them in a nice big house, surrounded by luscious trees and thick forest with lots of little critters (who don’t stand a chance, by the way.)  I will let her tell you about all the other wonderful things outside our home like the little framed plots containing lavender and rosemary and strawberries and roses and clematis and vegetables and… oh the list goes on and on and it is her job to tell you.

As for me, this was only to be an introduction and I have said enough and am tired and ready for one of my many afternoon naps. Talk later.  ~ Tiger


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  1. Nice first start! Make sure to do two things: always add categories like “travel”, “food” etc when you begin to post things there – and add a lot of tags as well, which will help people find your story…looking forward to reading your adventures!

  2. Good luck with the new blog, and thanks for following my own efforts too.
    John is right about tags, which help others find similar interests. Cats are very popular, so tags of Cats,Photos,Pets, etc will bring you more readers.
    Best wishes from Norfolk. Pete.

    • thank you so much. John referred me to your blog and I really enjoyed it. I appreciate your feedback and good wishes. Susanne

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    Three years ago I mustered up the courage to start this blog ~ with a little help from my feline friends! Since then the forest in back is gone, the sweet Benji has come to join us, but otherwise much remains the same. Here’s the first story from Tiger in case you missed it. 🙂

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