Happy Anniversary Tiger!

“Can you believe It was six years ago this month, Tiger?  Sorry I don’t remember the exact date.”

“What’s that Sue?”

“When we brought you and Shadow home from the cat hotel. Only you weren’t called Tiger then, your name was Miracle.  And Shadow was Brother Love – may he rest in peace.”

“Of course I remember Sue. We thought we’d never get out of there!  It really was a miracle wasn’t it?  But I’m glad you changed my name to Tiger; I needed a fresh start.  And I’m glad for the time Shadow had with us in Paradise.  He loved everyday he was here.  But I’ve always wondered – what convinced you to come and get us?”

“Honestly Tiger, you can thank Bob for that.  He’s the one who decided we should go and take a look when we heard about your plight.  But once we met you it didn’t take much convincing. Your beautiful green eyes seemed to speak right from your soul into ours.  They still do.”

“Aw shucks Sue.  Thanks so much.”

“You’re welcome Tiger. Happy Anniversary and may there be many more to come!”

~ Susanne

P.S.  For more about how Tiger came to live with us, check out the posts below from the earliest days of the blog.



23 Comments on “Happy Anniversary Tiger!

  1. Happy Gotcha Day cutie! I am glad you have such a loving home. I am sorry your brother is no longer with you. XO

    • Oh thank you so much! I added the earlier stories to the post after Elizabeth asked about the background. I thought maybe others might be interested too. Thanks for taking the time to read them! 🙂 🙂

  2. Happy anniversary, Tiger. Great name, because all cats have some of the tiger in them, some more, some less. This day six years ago, you’d hit the jackpot, won the lottery, found a loving home. What a lucky cat. There are so many cats out there, eating from the garbage.

    Sorry to hear about Shadow. I know what it’s like to lose a pet, and I know it leaves a hole in your heart. Takes forever to get over it. But we all have to move on, and Tiger has a good life. Beautiful cat with white socks and these large eyes.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I’m happy we were able to give Tiger a good home. He’s our sweet senior cat, almost 12 years old. After we lost Shadow we got him a new little brother named Benji. Benji is a livewire, still young and full of vigor at age 4. We love them both.

    • Thanks Pete. The time has gone by fast. He was 5 years old when we got him, so he’s going on 12 this spring. He still looks good for a senior cat and his expressive green eyes still talk to us! 🙂

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