Tiger ~ musings on the early days

After we first arrived at our new home to begin the third of our nine lives, Bob & Sue put us in our own little room where we had everything we would need.  They brought in Shadow’s piece of carpet and rolled it up so he could crawl inside and feel safe.  They set up some nice cardboard for me and I obliged them by using it.  They moved slowly and talked quietly so as not to startle us.  We appreciate those little things.

After a few days we decided it was safe to explore the new territory and so we did, inch by inch, room by room. It was then we detected the scent of one called Joey.  We especially felt his presence on the perch in the bedroom.  We have stayed away from that perch, feeling it sacred and not to mention a bit small for us.   Joey was a little cat with white hair, blue eyes and a tiny smile. We know this because there’s a picture of him on the bulletin board in Sue’s office.  We know his name because sometimes Sue calls us Joey by mistake.  I suppose that’s why we’re here.  And I suppose that is why I am extra nice to Sue. We are not nearly as cold and indifferent as some humans say.

Joey and the perch
Joey and the perch

I’m pretty sure Joey had a wonderful life.  Who wouldn’t like your own perch right next to the window and your picture posted on your human’s bulletin board of favorite things?  So don’t feel sorry for him.  We just don’t know how long we get, you know?  Even Shadow and I had some rough times in the past.  I mean, living in jail wasn’t easy, but at least we were together.  And if we hadn’t gone there, we never would have ended up with Bob & Sue.

So Joey went before us and trained our humans well.  They really know how to make a cat feel at home. Crunchy kibble anytime we want. Gravy laden tenders fresh from the can every morning.  And sleeping?  Anytime, any place.

The sleeping arrangements are great

Finally, about those names.  I think you know in our former life we were known as Miracle and Brother Love.  Yes, I had escaped many unlikely predicaments causing my former mistress to proclaim Miracle! when I returned. (I can’t help that I am curious.) And my older brother really did look out for me (in fact, had insisted to go with me when I was chosen from the litter first.)  Hence the names.  However, we both felt it was time for a change to go with our new life here.  So after trying out the likes of Smokey and Panther, Brother Love became Shadow, the elusive one.  And I became Tiger like our mighty cousin, striped and strong.  Good fit, huh?  And so I shall remain,

~ Tiger

From the desk at Tiger’s Corner



15 Comments on “Tiger ~ musings on the early days

  1. Nice tribute to Joey. Pets live on in our memories, and bring us comfort, even after they have gone.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. So happy to read the story of Tiger and his brother. Is Shadow still with you? Losing Joey must have been sad but I’m sure he still has a place in your heart, along with the place occupied by your new cats.
    This post reminded me that since I am again posting in Buddy’s blog, I should reblog one of his earlier posts to tell new followers of his origins.\

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