Tiger ~ musings on the early days

From the earlier days of my blog in case you missed it ~ a story from the past as told by Tiger.

Cats and Trails and Garden Tales

After we first arrived at our new home to begin the third of our nine lives, Bob & Sue put us in our own little room where we had everything we would need.  They brought in Shadow’s piece of carpet and rolled it up so he could crawl inside and feel safe.  They set up some nice cardboard for me and I obliged them by using it.  They moved slowly and talked quietly so as not to startle us.  We appreciate those little things.

After a few days we decided it was safe to explore the new territory and so we did, inch by inch, room by room. It was then we detected the scent of one called Joey.  We especially felt his presence on the perch in the bedroom.  We have stayed away from that perch, feeling it sacred and not to mention a bit small for us.   Joey…

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7 Comments on “Tiger ~ musings on the early days

  1. This was “before my time” so I had definitely missed it! I love the way Tiger tells his story. How sweet that he and his brother Shadow got to be adopted together!💖

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