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On Cats and Blogging and a Road Trip

First of all, my apologies to the cats. “Sorry, Benji” “We worried you weren’t coming back, Sue.” “We’ll always come back, Benji. You can count on that.” “Same to you, Tiger.” “It was lonely without you, Sue.” “Sorry boys. It couldn’t be helped. There’ll… Continue Reading “On Cats and Blogging and a Road Trip”

Sweet and Savory from the Aloha Bowl!

Two months ago – seems like a lifetime – we visited Aloha Stadium in Oahu.  No, not to watch football – but to walk it’s perimeter and shop its marketplace. It was close to 80 degrees. I wore sun screen and a hat –… Continue Reading “Sweet and Savory from the Aloha Bowl!”

Disabling Spammy Comment Likes

Most of you won’t need to read this post as it applies only to those who regularly comment on my blog.  I woke this morning to notifications of a spammer ‘liking’ comments on my recent posts.  The name starts with ‘id’ and is followed… Continue Reading “Disabling Spammy Comment Likes”

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