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Three Stacks and a Rock at Morro Bay and Cayucos

We always had the scenic coastal route in mind on our trip to Southern California, especially Highway 1 and Big Sur, between Los Angeles and San Francisco. So after enjoying our time in LA, Beverly Hills, and Disneyland, we started the next phase of… Continue Reading “Three Stacks and a Rock at Morro Bay and Cayucos”

On Cats and Blogging and a Road Trip

First of all, my apologies to the cats. “Sorry, Benji” “We worried you weren’t coming back, Sue.” “We’ll always come back, Benji. You can count on that.” “Same to you, Tiger.” “It was lonely without you, Sue.” “Sorry boys. It couldn’t be helped. There’ll… Continue Reading “On Cats and Blogging and a Road Trip”

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