Disabling Spammy Comment Likes

Most of you won’t need to read this post as it applies only to those who regularly comment on my blog.  I woke this morning to notifications of a spammer ‘liking’ comments on my recent posts.  The name starts with ‘id’ and is followed by randomly generated letters.  I assume they wish to trick you into visiting their site.  I did not and  I wanted to spare you as well.  I reported the matter to WordPress and they were already aware of the issue and working on blocking this activity.  Their workaround for now is to disable comment likes which I have done.    (You’ll find a check box that controls this under Sharing Options.)

I decided to write this post as I’ve been helped when other bloggers have warned of specific spammer activity.

I still welcome your comments on my blog and will respond as always.  But for now I won’t be able to ‘like’ your comment in order to thwart the pernicious ‘likers’.

Isn’t blogging fun?

~  Susanne

29 Comments on “Disabling Spammy Comment Likes

  1. WordPress has protected me from more than 400,000 spam comments so far in my blogging life – thousand and thousand each month that are auto generated by car insurance companies with obscure names…yes, it’s important to keep an eye on the bad ones to make sure you dont let them in!

    • They mostly do a good job at protecting our sites. And I also appreciate the help I receive when I log an issue with them. thanks John for your comment! I do ‘like’ it! 🙂

  2. Don’t you hate that? I had it happen to me once where I was getting likes from people I never heard of the instant I posted something, when I knew they hadn’t had time to even read the post! 😬I looked it up on the WordPress forum and found out it happened to others too. I normally don’t have comments enabled on my blog so that eliminates spam comments and people trying to post links.

    • Yes, so frustrating! I like having comments enabled as it’s fun to hear from fellow bloggers. And I’m glad I can control which comments to allow by using the ‘moderate’ feature. But there seems to be no control over the likes to a post or to a comment. I hope they create better filters so we can disallow certain sites from liking our posts or comments rather than having to disable for everyone. And yes, I really do ‘like’ your comment! 🙂 🙂

      • Lol thanks! I have also noticed ever now and then there is a surge of off-the-wall email followers with weird names from Outlook.com, which apparently is spam also. WordPress seems to be working on eliminating those too. My sister texts me whenever she sees the number of followers go up on my blog and then I go check to see if it’s a “real” one or not! 😋

  3. I have been getting those by the hundred, all over. It is a Russian sex site, I believe, and you are right to be wary.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  4. Yup, had it too! Reported all those comments as spam. Be gone with the spam!

    • Yes, spammers be gone!! We are on to you! They are so persistent. If they can’t post a comment, then they use a ‘like’ instead. I hope WP can shut them out!

  5. Jeezz…What will they try next…I think they are doing the rounds my spam box is heaving, trouble is it also catches regular people so I have to check it…sigh

    • I know, right? It’s such a pain! I’ve had unwanted likes on a post before and can’t stop those either. Fortunately I’m able to moderate comments so I don’t let the junk in there and WP is good about keeping the obvious bad stuff out. But stopping a like on a comment is impossible unless you prevent all likes on a comment. I hope they fix that soon! 😦

      • So do I …Hopefully, they will and I love the comments so don’t want to stop them…I hope you have a lovely week 🙂

  6. Thanks for the heads-up. I checked and wasn’t hit.

    One day last month I was hit with over 200 comments in a 24 hour period. (I’m thrilled to get 1 or 2 a week.) Thankfully the spam filter caught them all so I could do a mass delete and they were never visible on the blog itself.

    What always amazes me about these spam methods is why effort is put into them. All the comments were unrelated to the content, so why would anyone take them seriously enough to look for more info? Same thing with bogus likes and Outlook follows. Why would anyone waste precious time looking at their links when it’s obviously spam?

    • Glad you weren’t hit in this current onslaught. I guess these places are desperate to have you come and visit, for some sinister reason.. The comments are easily handled. The trouble with the ‘comment like’ issue is there’s currently no way to block them if you allow any ‘comment likes’ at all on your blog. Unfortunately you just see a gravatar image as a ‘like’ on the comment and if you or your readers clicked on it unsuspectingly I think you land on their site. I hope WP is building some kind of filter against bogus likes, the way they filter out all spam comments.

  7. Reblogged this on Cats and Trails and Garden Tales and commented:

    The last day or so I’ve had many notifications of someone (from Russia) systematically ‘liking’ old comments I’ve made on other blogs. It reminded me of this post, only this time so far the comment likes are not on my own blog but others. It’s annoying but I guess there’s nothing that can be done about it. I wish WordPress would make a Spam filter on ‘comment likes’ like they do with ‘comments.’ Maybe you all are experiencing this too? ~ sigh ~

  8. I’ve had comment ‘likes’ disabled since the onslaught of spam likes last June. That’s because although WordPress blocked that spammer from future ‘likes’, they haven’t given us a way to take off the ones already in place. That one led to a scuzzy site and I didn’t want the link anywhere on my blog. Sometimes I turn on the comment like function again and like all the recent comments, then turn it off again.

    • It’s a dilemma. I contacted WP today and they weren’t very helpful. I think most of these latest ‘likes’ are on comments I made on other blogs so I don’t think I can control that. But maybe I should turn off comment likes for a while anyway. thanks for your comment.

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