Sweet and Savory from the Aloha Bowl!

Two months ago – seems like a lifetime – we visited Aloha Stadium in Oahu.  No, not to watch football – but to walk it’s perimeter and shop its marketplace.

It was close to 80 degrees. I wore sun screen and a hat – but no mask back then and neither did I practice social distancing.  Instead I ambled along with all the others, soaking in the sun’s rays, and looking for bargains, of which there were many.

Time for a locally made Hawaiian bag?  Sure, why not?

How about some Jack Fruit?

I wish I would have. Instead I opted for fresh coconut (is it just me or does it taste a bit like rubber?)

And then – along with the jewelry and wood carvings and hats and sunglasses and beach towels and slippers and all manner of trinkets from the Philippines and China – I came across this:


First introduced by Hormel in 1937 this canned meat product became popular during World War II, and yes – Hawaiians love their SPAM!

And so does my brother. At least I think he does. So when I saw the stockpiles at the market I texted this picture and asked which one he wanted me to bring back for him. Tocino he said – whatever that is.

I picked one up for me too – though I probably haven’t eaten any since 1972 – maybe not even then.  Because you never know when you might need some canned meat – say for instance, during a pandemic?

I opted for the Portuguese Sausage and it’s still in my cupboard. I’m biding my time.

If only there’d been a way to bring back some Shave Ice.

~ Susanne

17 Comments on “Sweet and Savory from the Aloha Bowl!

  1. I still remember getting I trouble as a father young girl for feeding my Spam sandwich to the dog because I was too disgusted to eat more than the first bite. At least the dog was grateful!

  2. I loved Spam as a child, and still do! We only have the ‘Original’ flavour over here though. I would love to try some of those others in your photo. I know John is a Spam afficiando, so that tinned meat is probably the best present you could have got him.
    I have never tried Jackfruit, as it isn’t sold here. So I would have had that instead of boring old fresh coconut.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Interesting! I honestly can’t remember trying SPAM though I must have. I will eventually open the Portuguese Sausage as I imagine it would taste good with some scrambled eggs! I definitely should have gone with more exotic fruit. I remember it being terribly hot at the time and I couldn’t find anything to drink. So I got the coconut thinking it would be refreshing, but fresh coconut does not have the flavor of toasted coconut and it had a strange texture- so alas I was disappointed. I would have loved to have a mango as they are everywhere in Hawaii, only I’m allergic to them. 😦

  3. Spam! Bleah!😝We did have it occasionally as kids. But until seeing your photo I had no idea it came in different flavors. Tocino would be bacon, by the way (at least in Spanish) 🥓

    • Hey good to know that Tocino means bacon in Spanish! I feel like you do about Spam but I’m trying to be open. My brother loves to cook and likes fine food so I’m anxious to see how he fixes the Spam! As for me, I may open my can someday who knows? 😁

      • A couple of weeks ago my sister texted me a picture of the Spam shelf at the grocery store and it was empty😬I guess people figure it’s one of those foods that will last forever😆

  4. In Hawaii, the Spam is cooked, generally fried I think. The idea is to release the flavors of the fat, as one does cooking most meats, rather than serving it up as a cold, dismal slab, as I remember from my schooldays.

      • I haven’t had Spam here although my wife and I talk about doing so. I guess I’m still scarred from my schoolboy experiences!

  5. You sent me on a search, Susanne. “Spam’s basic ingredients are pork with ham meat added, salt, water, modified potato starch (as a binder), sugar, and sodium nitrite (as a preservative). Natural gelatin is formed during cooking in its tins on the production line.” Though I avoid sodium nitrite and processed food as much as possible, I’d share your can of Spam with a side of scrambled eggs any day! Miss you dear friend!

    • Wow, how fun to see you here on my blog! 😍 I miss you too!! I’d love to share my Spam with you over a good cup of coffee and lots of reminiscing!!

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