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Hoist a Paw

It’s late afternoon and I’m in the kitchen making dinner. The boys hear the pantry door open and show up with eager eyes. I know why. “Who wants a snack?” I say. “Raise your paw.” They answer by dancing around. I find the treats… Continue Reading “Hoist a Paw”

The Professor

By Susanne Swanson “Do you know how many times you’ve said ‘okay’ in the last minute?” she blurted out. (Twenty times by my reckoning. She was not the only one counting.) He stopped. Public speaking was not his forte, though economics may have been.…

A memory in snow….

Our first snow¬†arrived earlier this week but was short-lived. The ground is all clear, the air icy cold, while we wait for the next round of snow to appear. Clouds are moving in but glorious patches of blue remain¬†like parfait. Is this the sky… Continue Reading “A memory in snow….”

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