A memory in snow….

Our first snow arrived earlier this week but was short-lived. The ground is all clear, the air icy cold, while we wait for the next round of snow to appear. Clouds are moving in but glorious patches of blue remain like parfait.


Is this the sky speaking before the storm arrives?  We shall see. The forecast keeps changing and I fear I shall yet be disappointed.

I love the snow.  That, in spite of the fact I once spent 10 hours snow bound on Interstate 5 between Seattle and Renton. That’s love, yes?  Of course it does make for a good story (another time perhaps) but my favorite snow memories are more wonderful.  Such as that day many years ago when  ….


I walked across the campus in the falling snow.  It was my first day of college and I was giddy with joy.  After working almost five years after high school, I had saved up some money, quit my job, and moved to Bellingham to attend Western Washington University.   I made my way past Old Main dressed in blue jeans and  jacket, the fresh snow crunching under my boots. Oh the adventure!

The university catalog would be my tour guide and I reveled in choosing the places I would go, the people I would meet, the things I would see! The Byzantine Empire.  Dostoyevsky and The Underground Man. Astronomy, complete with roof top views of Jupiter’s moons and Saturn’s rings. I still couldn’t believe I could arrange my schedule as I liked, take whatever I wanted, and still have time to read for hours in the library or break with friends over coffee.  So this was school.  Where had I been?  The snow only completed the picture, adding to the magic. 

Snow!  Perhaps it triggers some memories in you too?

~  Susanne

7 Comments on “A memory in snow….

  1. Nice pics! Snow is great when you have nowhere to go and plenty of power…Chicago is about to get three straight days of snow and I have to travel!

    • thanks! I agree the best way to enjoy snow is NOT when having to travel or work, but inside by the fire, having another cuppa joe, or for short brisk walks all bundled up! The nice thing about getting it here is it doesn’t stick around!

  2. We left Northeast snow country when I was 12 and I never wanted to live in the cold again. I went to junior high and high school in La Jolla. I went to UC-Santa Barbara. I went to grad school in Houston. Then I moved to Montana! At some insane point I decided to throw in the towel and go to law school there. It was a mixed bag of experiences, showing up as a SOTA (Student Over Traditional Age). Montana’s beauty was terrific, but the cold was hard on my health. The snow at that point in my life was mostly a hassle. Washington has been just right for these past 25 years! The snow is lovely, and it’s no longer a hassle, thanks largely to SUVs.

    • Hi Lauren. Thanks for sharing your story! I don’t think I would like to live where it snows and stays on the ground all winter. But I sure do enjoy the little snow visitations we get here in the northwest… as long as I don’t have to commute in it! Stay warm! 🙂

      • “But I sure do enjoy the little snow visitations we get here in the northwest… as long as I don’t have to commute in it! ” DITTO! 🙂

  3. My only fond memories of snow are all from childhood. Woolen gloves wet through from throwing snowballs, freezing ears and cheeks unprotected by head gear, and crunching on those first falls as soon as I could get outside.
    Then I started driving, and I have hated snow ever since!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • For sure all of the worst times for me in the snow have been driving; or getting stuck for hours on a bus trying to get home from work.. Seattle is notorious for that. I think all kids love the snow just like you describe so well. All my favorite memories are from the college era.. by the way, the big storm did not materialize here.. I wake up this morning with an inch or so of melting slush. 🙂

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