Tag: Tales from our Youth

That’s Orange to You!

Is there any other color that’s more ‘in your face’ than orange? I think not. Perhaps that’s why it had such a run in the sixties, not that I would know. 😉 This little sitting room is located in a small restaurant in Washington… Continue Reading “That’s Orange to You!”

Ready or Not

It turns out the first Earthquake I experienced in Seattle, happened on April 29th, 55 years ago! Sorry to say I am old enough to remember, please don’t hold it against me! 🙂

A Fishing Trip Back in Time at Mineral Lake

Mineral Lake is to my husband what Hood Canal is to me: a place full of childhood memories, of long summer days spent camping, fishing, and swimming. Yesterday we made the drive to Mineral, a tiny town whose claim to fame is the beautiful… Continue Reading “A Fishing Trip Back in Time at Mineral Lake”

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