Ready or Not

It turns out the first Earthquake I experienced in Seattle, happened on April 29th, 55 years ago! Sorry to say I am old enough to remember, please don’t hold it against me! 🙂

Cats and Trails and Garden Tales

It’s 4th grade and I’m at the school that looms large in my memory.

We’re sitting on the steps under the overhang of the building,  a covered entryway somewhere between in and out.  School hasn’t started yet and it’s almost 8:30.   I’m with my best friend Joyce and we’re playing a game called ‘Safety Sam,’ my mom’s invention.

No props just pure imagination and we’re preparing to go on a trip to somewhere and pack our invisible bags.

And then the low rumbling begins.

And the ground starts moving.

Back and forth.

‘Safety Sam’ is the name of the game and we quickly jump off the steps and run outside to the playground.

Mrs. Halgramson is there blowing a whistle, and early arrivers are gathering together and many are crying which I find strange.

‘Our house is cracked, and things were falling off the shelves!’ they say.

To me…

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3 Comments on “Ready or Not

  1. I remember this post, and checked out my original comment. No big earthquakes here, luckily. But we do have a powerful hailstorm in Beetley right at this moment. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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