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The Great American Road Trip – and Kansas

For those of you who may have missed it the first time, and feel like traveling from your armchair, here’s the second installment of our great American road trip, from Seattle to Virginia through the heartland, and Kansas!¬† ūüôā See story below! https://catsandtrailsandgardentales.com/2016/05/12/the-great-american-road-trip-and-kansas/ Hope… Continue Reading “The Great American Road Trip – and Kansas”

Hooray for Road Trips!

Originally posted on Cats and Trails and Garden Tales:
Okay, so off I go in a new direction.¬† Figuratively and literally. And it’s all about the classic American road trip. Yes, we’ve done a few.¬† In all four corners of this great country of…

Postcards from Maui

Greetings from the valley isle of Maui! ¬†I’m here to answer the burning question, which Hawaiian island is my favorite? After visiting all four major islands at least once over the past few years I had settled on the Big Island for the number… Continue Reading “Postcards from Maui”

A trip to Siberia … and a Coup!

Would you vacation in Siberia?¬† Would you?¬† What if it you knew there would be an attempted coup that might¬†threaten your return home to these United States of America?¬† Well no, I wouldn’t, but yes, my mother did.¬†¬†And so I will¬†take you on¬†a journey… Continue Reading “A trip to Siberia … and a Coup!”

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