Hooray for Road Trips!

I’ll be taking a break the next week or so and thought it would be a good time to reblog the story of a wonderful road trip we took across the USA a few years ago. For those of you who missed it the first time, Hooray for Road Trips! I hope you come along for the ride! This is the first of 4 parts. ~ Susanne

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Okay, so off I go in a new direction.  Figuratively and literally. And it’s all about the classic American road trip. Yes, we’ve done a few.  In all four corners of this great country of ours.  And across the middle too.  And that is the one I will start with.  This was a while back when my husband had retired and to celebrate we decided to take a trip across the USA in our camper.

Research and planning began in earnest as we considered which places we’d most like to see on this six week adventure. I picked several places and Bob picked out a couple too (although truth be told, he’s all about the driving.)  You will never guess what they were.  No really, you wouldn’t.  Now you have to remember that we are from the Great Northwest and thus are not easily impressed by other places.  Why?  Well…

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4 Comments on “Hooray for Road Trips!

  1. I enjoyed this the first time around.
    Have a great break, and enjoy your festive season.
    Best wishes from England, Pete.

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