Happy Spring in the Garden and the Finches are Courting!

Spring has finally arrived in the Great Northwest after a cold and rainy winter. We got a head start over the weekend when we hit 60 degrees for the first time since last November. It was worth waiting for.

There’s much to be done in the garden but fortunately nature takes care of much of it. My Indian Plum is blooming with no help from me. I’d been admiring this native in the woods for years, not realizing I had one growing wild in a forgotten corner of my yard. I transplanted it to the back where I could enjoy it, and it’s thriving.

I did manage to plant something new last week, Lenten Rose, another early bloomer. Tiger found it soon afterwards during one of his daily sojourns, and appreciated how it collected water for him.

As the garden is waking up, the birds are courting! I especially love to watch the house finches. The little lady perches, waiting for the male to appear.

He does – dressed in bright red-orange – and begins singing.

Okay, I’ll leave them alone.

~ Susanne

13 Comments on “Happy Spring in the Garden and the Finches are Courting!

  1. Congratulations! Life is back. Here in the East of Germany near the border to the Czech Republic (aka Bavarian Siberia Lol) it will take some more months until we can greet spring! Best wishes, Michael

  2. We have had constant rain recently, and relatively high temperatures. (15C) I haven’t seen any courting birds yet, but today we had clouds of blackflies on the dog walk. Fortunately, they are not biting flies. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks, Pete. Glad you escaped any biting flies! We have rain again today and temperatures in the fifties. Nothing unusual about that, I guess, and the birds don’t seem to mind.

  3. Love the photos! We still have snow on the ground. Tiger looks like he’s wearing lipstick at first glance! hehe!

  4. Aww, so cute, Susanne! We hit 58F Sunday, hooray! We’ve heard some birdsong lately, but the finches and juncoes are staying in the trees as they feather their nests, I’m guessing. Now the deer are hopping our fences and eating the leftover sunflower seeds all over our backyard. Your pictures are so green and colorful–so springy!

    • Thanks so much, Terri! Glad you’re getting good weather on the other side of the state, too! We had 2 beautiful days with temps over 60!! I’ve seen lots of birds courting and always love the house finches, as the male courts the female with his fine dress and singing. 😊😊

  5. Pretty miserable spring weather over here with rain well above the average for March, but at least it’s turning milder and the blossom is starting to appear. However the skies are too dull for good photos 😦 It’s lovely to see the birds in your garden and Tiger enjoying the plants!

    • Thanks, Sarah! We finally had a couple of warm sunny days and it was fun to get out in the yard and watch the birds. And Tiger too!

  6. Thanks for the post. We have had House Finches at our bird feeder all winter. They area beautiful little bird.

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