A Nature Walk at Flaming Geyser

Sorry but you’ll be hard pressed to find a flaming geyser – its methane source petered out years ago, though tossing a match into the well, may get you a reaction (we didn’t have any.)

But who cares with so much beauty surrounding you at Flaming Geyser State Park?

Last week, on a cold and frosty autumn day we bundled up and went for a walk in the park, starting out on the deserted road that runs through the center,

then into the woods to walk the trail beside the Green River.

We saw ducks heading downstream,

and salmon fighting their way upstream, returning to their birthplace to spawn, a fall miracle that never ceases to amaze me.

We paused for a few minutes to absorb this peaceful scene where the river decided to hide and rest a while,

then exited the woods, where as if on cue, two bald eagles appeared overhead.

A fitting end to a beautiful walk. And I even managed to ‘square’ all my photos for Becky’s WalkingSquares challenge.

And that’s all for this Monday morning. Better get out for today’s walk.

~ Susanne

27 Comments on “A Nature Walk at Flaming Geyser

  1. Your photos are beautiful, Susanne, such a nice place. I have seen TV shows where people puncture a hole in the ice, then light the methane on fire, fire shooting out of a lake!

  2. I like the juxtaposition of the ducks going with the current and the salmon against it.

  3. Exactly my kind of walk, and Robert would have loved it too. Thank you so much for sharing and squaring 🙂

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