Are you Comfortable, Benji?

“It’s not bad, Sue. Thanks for asking.”

“Are you sure, Benji? There are better places to sleep than a wire basket!”

“None as close to you, Sue. But it would help if you could turn the light down.”

“Sure, Benji. My pleasure.”

~ from the office of Susanne and Benji

28 Comments on “Are you Comfortable, Benji?

  1. When I was an EMT, we had a ‘station cat’ in our Ambulance Station. She was called Obi, and always slept in the wire basket used for storing our call records. Like, you, I would always wonder how she found it so comfortable. πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Must feel cozy and safe. And this was very close to me while I was working at my computer; I think that’s why he chose it! 😻😻

  2. Sometimes I wish WP had a ‘love’ button to click as well as like, as Facebook does – I would definitely do so for this post 😍😍 I so enjoy your little chats with Benji and his cute posing for your camera!

  3. My favourite kind of post! Pet talk is the best πŸ™‚ Cats certainly know how to live life comfortably.

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