Happy Hummers and First Monday of 2022!

After eight long days, the snow of 2021 is finally melting, and we are left with slush and drizzle – welcome to the first Monday of 2022!

A strange number for a year, don’t you think?

When I was growing up all the years started with NINETEEN and rolled easily off the tongue. 1960, 1970, 1980 – you could pick any two and easily calculate the distance between them. Back then, 1984 was futuristic and 2001 was a distant science fiction movie!

Granted, we’ve been in the two thousands for more than 20 years already – I guess I should move on, huh? Okay, will do! 😉

During these days of snow and freezing temperatures I managed to post on my blog almost daily. The same thing happened during a previous major snow event- Snowmageddeon in 2019, when I also posted on Hummingbirds in the Snow. I couldn’t get as close then with my Sony as I can now with my Lumix. (Did I mention how happy I am with my new camera?)

I heard this one in the evergreens above my yard and zoomed into his world.

“You again,” he seemed to say as he turned my way.

Yes, indeed, time to go.

Happy Hummers to you!

~ Susanne

25 Comments on “Happy Hummers and First Monday of 2022!

  1. I love Hummingbirds…filled the feeder yesterday and they have been playing around it ever since! Terrific photos as always!

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  3. Seems like you’re getting to grips with your new camera. I love the top photo, not just for the execution, but for the idea, too. Nicely done!

  4. I see that new camera perfectly caught the scarlet neck ruffle on that hummer! WONDERFUL!!

  5. I agree about the amazing red neck. I have never been able to see one hold still long enough to see it and am grateful that your photography skill is so stellar.

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