On Blogging and the Snow

Yesterday I was notified by WordPress that I’m apparently on a roll having posted 5 days in a row.  I think my being cooped up here during Snowmageddon has something to do with it – which makes me wonder – what did those pioneers do all winter with no electricity, confined by the snow day after day ?? – but I digress.

Now don’t worry I don’t intend to post everyday from now on  – I can’t possibly do it – hats off to all who can!   But I figured since I already have five days in a row, why not live dangerously and go for a week?  🙂  So here’s number 6.

First of all, it’s still snowing  in the Great Northwest wearing out even the most enthusiastic snow-lovers among us. Over 20 inches so far in Seattle this month and more snow than we’ve had in 70 years, depending on which news outlet you believe and where they measure. Regardless, there’s been a LOT of snow!

And the cats are going stir-crazy.

This morning Benji was perched at the top of the stairs lamenting the weather in song and looking to me for answers.  I had none.

Tiger got tired of being harassed by his little brother and opted to try his luck outside this morning.

As for me, I’m missing my morning latte as it would be foolish to drive in the snow to get one. I’ll have to make do with regular coffee.

Supposedly it’s warming up and the snow will  turn to rain over the next few days. But who really knows? From where I sit, the snow is still falling and this is the view from my office window.

But that’s enough for day 6!  I’ll save something for day 7.

See you tomorrow!

~ Susanne

12 Comments on “On Blogging and the Snow

  1. As Pete said, when you can’t go out, you come up with other things to do – like post! The pictures are great, the snow looks beautiful

    • Thanks John. The snow is really beautiful and I do like it, especially since I don’t have to go out in it unless I want to. But I’m ready for it to leave anytime! 🙂

  2. I have pictures of me in the snow from the winter of 49/50 which is when there last was that much snow. Here we finally have a couple of inches so I feel cozy inside too.

    • Records show 50 inches in January 1950 at SeaTac, so we’re a bit behind; we’re currently #4 on that all time list. Glad you got a few inches to enjoy where you are too!

      • Yes, that’s what I thought of cats who aren’t good at cold and wet, I think the boys are brave and their curiosities beat the urge for hibernation. 🙂

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