Benji and the Snow

It’s the third day and snow is still (unexpectedly) falling.

Benji loves to go outside but this is too much even for him. Yesterday, he ventured out in the morning and after 20 minutes or so I found him in the driveway.

After a few photos I picked him up and carried him back inside and felt him shiver. Poor little boy!

He found the best place in the house to warm up and was mostly cured of wanting out again.

~ Susanne

19 Comments on “Benji and the Snow

  1. The ‘bad weather’ in your region was featured on the BBC News today, Susanne. Airport and travel disruption, icy roads, etc. Rather you than me! Heavy rain and 9C here tonight. (48F)
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Wow, we made the BBC! πŸ™‚ Yes, we’ve had lots of snow and still more in the forecast. Thankfully I don’t have to venture out too much in it!

  2. Susanne, we had just a dusting yesterday but what fell early today left us under white stuff to a greater degree today. Portland,s southeast is our home and we somehow live in the banana belt. Ignatius, our Bombay, is an outdoor lover. Not so much today. Like Benji, our indoor Maggie and Ignatz aka Iggy love being near the warmth of the fireplace. Always enjoy your images and stories.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. πŸ™‚ My sister lives in the Portland area and I’d heard it was icy even though there wasn’t much snow accumulation. Our senior cat, Tiger, has no interest at all in going out in this. Benji still likes to dabble in it, but it’s getting so cold it’s even too much for him!

  3. Here (in NE Ohio) we’ve had rain and 40s. Yesterday I roused my outdoor old man Blacky from his house for supper. He got right up and trotted ahead of me down the hill until he got to the bottom, where there was a sizeable puddle. He stopped there and looked back at me til I got the hint, picked him up and carried him over. Then he was fine to go the restof the way where there are stepping stones.

    • Thanks so much. He”s only ventured out a couple of times for short periods. Mostly I tell him, “no, too cold for little kitties to be outside.” 😻😻

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