Morning Crazies in the Office

“What gets into you Benji?”

“What do you mean Sue?”

“In the morning I mean. You become a different animal. Like a wild cat.”

“Pent up energy. Just like you Sue.”


“You were a wild woman this morning. The way you turned this office upside down. It was pure chaos. I was concerned.”

“That’s different Benji. The chaos was only temporary. It had a purpose.”


“Better feng shui. Can’t you feel it?”

“Sure Sue. Whatever you say. Now if you don’t mind, all that whirlwind activity made me sleepy. Could you turn out the lights on your way out?”

“Sure Benji. Glad you like the new office.”

~ from the office of Susanne and Benji

12 Comments on “Morning Crazies in the Office

  1. Love an office companion that purrs. I sure miss having a cat (or, cats plural…) but my Jack Russell Terrier’s preference would be to rid the planet of all things feline sooner rather than later and that would be a mission in which she would enthusiastically participate. Re the Feng Shui: no more corners. Roundness in everything even in baskets and beds, shape of desk (can’t do much about computer monitors though). A desktop recirculating water fountain (Benji would like that?). Pay attention to colors – that’s really important. Add artwork reflective of your life goals (how about huge framed photos of your glorious clouds!). I formerly thought all of this was, um, you know, sorta woo-woo stuff. Until I did it. And then when it worked. BTW: Not all Feng Shui books are giving the same advice and some are downright contradictory – so if pursuing this course of study, try to find some of the old out-of-print books on this fascinating subject from the library or used bookstore.

    • Good morning! Yes, I’m thankful for a purring office companion. No dogs here though maybe someday!

      On the feng shui front – it’s all gut feel to me. I’ve always needed to rearrange periodically and it was overdue. Remove clutter, open up space, keep my favorite things close at hand. My walls are already painted with my favorites shades of peach so I’m happy there. I work better when there’s peace and order in my space. 🙂 🙂

  2. Your office looks great! I like the quilt over the back of the chair. Foster gets the morning crazies too, but his are usually around 5:00 am! 🐱🐼

    • Thanks! He gets the morning crazies everyday. I got them this morning and figured he must have wondered if I’d gone mad! But I’m happy with my office again! 😻😻

  3. You got it wrong in the last line, Susanne. You know full well that it’s Benji’s office. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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