Only the Best Clouds in Seattle

Did you know that Seattle is the cloudiest city in the country? Not the rainiest city no, but often ranked #1 for days with heavy cloud cover.

Suffice it to say, I’ve seen a lot of cloudy days in my life.

And many of those days are dull and gray, skies covered with a wet milky blanket leaking rain like today. But there are other days – when oh! – the skies are filled with billowy bulbous magical clouds! When you look carefully and see a giant’s head, a teddy bear, or monster in a spaceship, cartoon shapes floating above like a Macy’s parade!

See here now a team of horses flying above the rest – and a horned ram’s head trailing below.

A poofy ball spins across the sky laughing at its imaginary pursuer, a wisp of a cloud a fraction of its size.

Here you see the hand of a child stamping cotton ball clouds on construction paper sky and green sprigs pressed as trees.

Sometimes a tree holds up a cloud as this one did below – a fluffy ball supported by a twiggy stem to be plucked up and used by any giant nearby.

Yes you can see I love the clouds as long as a trace of blue remains. And there is always blue somewhere and sunshine too if you go high enough to find it.

As back in the day when we flew on planes taking travel for granted

always happy to be greeted by the mountain and even the clouds on our return.

Inspired to share my love of clouds by this week’s Sunday Still’s Photo Challenge.

~ Susanne

33 Comments on “Only the Best Clouds in Seattle

  1. When we visited for our honeymoon is was fantastic to be greeted by Mt. Rainier from the air!

      • Yes it is! I wish I’d been able to get a window seat on the way home, we left at sunset.

  2. Love these. I grew up East of Seattle in North Bend. Now I live in Woodland, WA which is about 30 minutes north of Portland. I love the NW. This challenge has been so fun. I didn’t think to include a photo of flying over one of the many mountains….for us it’s always Mt. Hood.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. Mt. Hood is a beauty too. We’re lucky to be surrounded by so many mountains in the Pacific NW.

  3. Wowsers, Susanne! You have captured fantastical creatures and delightful imagery with your clouds! I could totally see the team of horses and ram’s head. But the cotton ball cloud is jaw dropping. Capturing that shows your creative perspective. My hubby always sees shapes and animals in the clouds, I guess I’m too much of a realist to see unless pointed out. I love that phrase, “the mountain is out,” how cool!

    • Aw thanks so much! I do love the clouds and we certainly get more than our share here! I was happy for your challenge this week to be inspired to share them! 😍

  4. Susanne I loved your descriptions of the clouds and what amazing shots they are too!

  5. I like the big ‘ball’ clouds. I don’t think I have ever seen one of those. We get a lot of the other clouds in Beetley though. πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete.

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