Bees on lavender

I love watching bees on lavender.

Attracted by purple hats and tiny flowers

they come in numbers, unaware of the others,

held aloft on translucent wings that shouldn’t bear them.


~ Susanne

22 Comments on “Bees on lavender

  1. The photos are really fabulous. They let you see the beauty of bees in their different faces of flight. Very well accomplished.
    A hug and happy weekend

  2. My, what fuzzy bees you have! They’re like tiny winged teddy bears. Beautiful pics and lovely blossoms.

    • Good question! I’ve not seen them around the lavender so I don’t think it’s one of their favorites. Maybe they made a deal with the bees! 🐝

  3. Your images in this post are amazing! To be able to watch the bees traveling midflight from flower to flower in still images was a great experience. Thanks for sharing your photographic talents.

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