Back for a Walk at Coulon Park

After two months of being closed, I was thrilled when Gene Coulon Memorial Park opened last week, allowing us to resume our walks on the shores of Lake Washington.  Always popular but not overcrowded, it’s a perfect place to walk anytime of year, with or without protective gear.

Families were out and their children laughed and played and swam and fished, most with safe distances between.

The stony walkers were unable to practice social distancing – but at least managed gloves and mask.

Canada Geese had nothing to fear and grazed in the fresh grass.

Sparrows filled the air with their song,

adding to the beauty and color everywhere.

Boats were out

in all sizes and shapes,  powered by sail, motor and oar.

The turtles of Coulon seemed happy to welcome us back to their park,

and for a time all seemed right with the world.

For Jo’s Monday Walk.

~ Susanne

11 Comments on “Back for a Walk at Coulon Park

  1. It definitely seems to be a good time to be a Canada goose or a turtle 🙂 🙂 Many thanks for sharing.

  2. How lovely. Here the parks have just reopened but are being monitored to keep numbers down.

    • Thank you. We walk here frequently so it was wonderful to have it open again. It’s a large park so plenty of room to be safe.

  3. I’m so glad you got to walk in the park! It looks like a really pretty place. And the turtles are so cute too😊🐢🐢

    • It’s our favorite place to walk nearby, and I really missed it being closed. It’s good to get back to some kind of normal, little by little. 🙂

  4. Nature did just fine without you, but I am happy that you were allowed back by the turtles. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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