Ordinary Days after Oahu

Some of you asked that I bring back the sunshine from Hawaii and I obliged – at least in the Pacific Northwest.

When we left for Oahu last week, the skies over Seattle had been gray for weeks on end, the rain unceasing and the rivers swollen and flooding.

The day we flew back home I saw this in my news feed.

A welcome back to post vacation doldrums and ordinary days, making the transition from Paradise a little easier.

I’ll be sorting through my pictures and sharing our adventures from Oahu – the best vacation ever – little by little.

In the meantime here’s our last sunrise from the North Shore.

Wishing I was still there.

~ Susanne

14 Comments on “Ordinary Days after Oahu

  1. I could say I’m not at all envious of that trip to Hawaii, and quite happy with freezing temperatures and gales in Beetley.
    I could say that, but I would be lying. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. We read last night that Seattle had its FIRST day of sunshine in 2020! THAT’S why you jet off to Hawaii!

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