A Drive to Black Diamond and the Green River Gorge

Bob and I have been unloading some things by consigning them for sale at a collectible store in Black Diamond.  So once a month we make the drive to the old coal town to collect money from our sales,  hopefully greater than what we spend while there.  🙂  Hey – it’s all for fun.

Regardless, the drive’s the thing.  We head down the Maple Valley Highway and if the weather is decent we stop by Nolte State Park for a walk around Deep Lake.  But even if we don’t have time for that we always swing by the Green River Gorge and walk out on the one-lane bridge and peer over the side.

After oohing and ahhing over the views – which are incredible this time of year – and promising ourselves that someday we’ll hike to the bottom, we move on to Black Diamond which looks like this in case you wondered.  Well at least that’s what the museum next to the collectible store looks like.  I have yet to visit as it’s only open a few days a week and somehow we’re always there on the wrong day.

Next time,  we tell ourselves.  When we do, I will share it with you.

~ Susanne

8 Comments on “A Drive to Black Diamond and the Green River Gorge

  1. This is awesome…although it feels like you should have to go skiing when visiting a place called Black Diamond! Is there a double black diamond nearby too? 😉

    • Black Diamond is a rather nice name isn’t it? Comes from the town’s coal mining history. For skiing head to Crystal Mountain an hour or so south! Another place with a wonderful name! 😁

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