Tis the Season for Tulips

Yes indeed.  The Tulip Festival in the Skagit Valley is in full swing and the fields were an explosion of color yesterday and we were happy to visit under mostly sunny skies without rain or mud in this so very rainy month of April.

And though it is impossible to properly convey the glory of the place it’s fun to try. And so without further adieu here are some pictures from the fields and display gardens of Roozengaarde.

As always I took far too many pictures and will likely share a few at a time in future posts  – because, why not?

~ Susanne

25 Comments on “Tis the Season for Tulips

  1. Lovely shots, Susanne. The Pink Tulips with the mountains behind are breathtaking.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. What an incredible “Super Bloom” that you get to enjoy year after year – great photos!

  3. Do they have one of those little platforms to stand on to see the whole field? I remember one of those from south of Salem.

    • It’s a huge area so I don’t think you could see the whole thing at once from any direction. This is what their website says: “”RoozenGaarde is a division of Washington Bulb Company Inc., the largest flower bulb grower in North America with more than 1000 acres of tulip and daffodil fields located in the Skagit Valley.”

  4. Ah, the tulip festival. That’s a lovely set pf photos, capturing the color and the scale of it all. Well done.

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