Dazzled by the Tulips at Roozengaarde

I was completely dazzled at the Tulip Festival this week and thought I’d share a few more pictures I took at Roozengaarde Farms.

According to their website, “William Roozen emigrated from Holland in 1947 with years of experience in the bulb industry and started a bulb farm on five acres of land. Today, Roozengaarde is the largest flower bulb grower in North America with more than 1000 acres of tulip and daffodil fields located in the Skagit Valley.”

I was happy to visit during their peak bloom under mostly sunny skies.

~ Susanne

7 Comments on “Dazzled by the Tulips at Roozengaarde

  1. I can see why you were dazzled, Susanne. In such numbers, they are a wonder to behold.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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