Optimism in July’s Garden

By this time of year my garden seems worn and spent and I sometimes feel it myself. It’s hot and it’s hot and there’s no rain in sight. The lettuce long since pulled, left an empty spot behind.  The potato harvest is over and done and their droopy tops remain.   Even the trustworthy raspberries are mostly forgotten and dried up.  (I’ll spare you the pictures.)

But they had their turn!  Look at what’s in color now!

Tomatoes plump and green as apples.

Baby squash starting to crawl.

Dahlias, proud in pink and red!

And lavender, oh so lavender!

Yes, there’s always room for improvement.  More potatoes.  Succession plantings to fill the gaps.  All good plans for next year.   But that can wait.  For now, here’s to optimism in July’s garden.

~ Susanne

9 Comments on “Optimism in July’s Garden

  1. Love it! And once you determine how you want to plant in waves, you will never have an empty spot – how many potatoes did you get?

  2. A beautiful tribute to your garden, and your growing skills, Susanne. Lovely colours too. Thanks for the tour! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    • Thanks Pete. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I tend to notice what didn’t work as well as I’d hoped and needed to remind myself of all that did!

  3. Such a beautiful garden. Thank you for swinging by the ‘Ranch’ and for the follow. We ♥︎ visitors, especially those that love gardening!

  4. We have two kinds of raspberries with one coming on in the fall. They are actually richer in taste. Haven’t tried dahlias here though they flourished in Oregon. My first zinnias opened yesterday. It is a thrill every year to have seeds turn into flowering plants. I have to be patient, but it is worth the wait.

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